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Diamond Rings

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man so it is no surprise that they are used in jewellery intended to last a lifetime. Diamonds are also an excellent investment.

When buying a diamond you need to consider four points - colour, cut, carat and clarity.

When choosing the colour of your diamond it is helpful to know that a totally pure diamond would be completely clear and transparent. However, most diamonds contain some trace elements which affect their colourisation and purity. Generally, the more impurities a white diamond contains the lower its value would be.

However, certain impurities can actually add to a diamond's value. Pink, black, blue, green and yellow diamonds are very rare so tend to command a relatively high price, especially if the colour is intense. Chocolate diamonds are currently very much 'in fashion' at present.

Diamonds are colour graded from D (colourless) through to Z (a light yellow). Colourless diamonds with a D E or F rating tend to be the most expensive. However, a diamond's colour is not the only factor which affects its price.
Clarity is another important factor to consider when buying a diamond. Most diamonds naturally contain flaws which will affect the brilliance of the stone. Diamonds with no flaws are extremely rare and are graded FL (flawless) or IF (internally flawless). These diamonds obviously command the highest prices. The grading system for clarity is as follows;

Imperfect (flaws visible to the naked eye)   11-13
Slightly Imperfect  (smaller flaws) S11-S12
Very Slightly Imperfect (tiny flaws) VS1-VS2
Very Very Slightly Imperfect (minuscule flaws) VVS1-VVS2

Diamond Ring        Diamond Ring        Diamond Ring        Diamond Ring

Diamonds are also sold according to weight. A carat is the traditional unit by which a gemstone is weighed and is equivalent to one fifth of a gram. The heavier a diamond, the more expensive it will tend to be. However, its clarity, cut and colour will also affect its price.

As diamonds are so very hard the only substance which can be used to cut a diamond is another diamond. An experienced jeweller will cut and polish a stone to enhance its inner brilliance. The quality of the cut is of supreme importance as a well-cut diamond will reflect light in a spectacular way. The cut refers to the facets used to bring out the intrinsic beauty of the diamond and is different from the shape. The round shaped 'brilliant' cut has been one of the most popular but there are numerous other cuts all designed to unlock the inner brilliance of a diamond. 

Understanding the four C's; cut, clarity, colour and carat, will help you to choose your ideal diamond ring from Dean's jewellers of Ossett. All our diamonds are expertly cut and authenticated and we pride ourselves on the quality and individuality of our designs.