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Engagement Rings

At Dean's all our engagement rings are unique. All our diamonds and precious gems come in a variety of cuts. You can choose form Round Brilliants, Square, Marquise, Princess or Emerald cut gems. We can also offer a wide variety of individual settings to suit your taste.

Traditionally, engagement rings have used one or more diamonds set in a band of precious metal such as gold or platinum. However, in more recent times, other precious gems have been used.

Famously, Lady Diana chose a sapphire stone set with diamonds for her engagement ring and this ring was subsequently used by Prince William when he became engaged to Kate Middleton.

Whatever stone or setting you choose you can be assured that all the gems we supply are certified by leading international laboratories such as AnchorCert or GIA,IGI. At Dean's of Ossett we take great pride in our craftsmanship, design and our attention to detail so you can rest assured that your ring will be a true reflection of your love.

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