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Gold Jewellery

Gold is one of the most loved of all the world's precious metals. Indeed, in the Indian culture, gold is regarded as a symbol of purity and prosperity.

Gold jewellery is beautiful to wear as well as being a great investment in times of uncertainty and fluctuating stock markets. It is relatively easy to convert gold back into cash all over the world so it is little wonder that investors choose gold in uncertain times.
When buying gold jewellery there are four things to bear in mind- colour, purity, identification and of course price.

As gold is essentially a soft metal it has to be combined with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel or zinc to give it strength and wearability. Thus, gold is marked to indicate the amount of pure gold it contains. The higher the carat indicated means the purer the gold. Thus 9K gold contains less pure gold than 24K gold which is much purer but also softer. 

This fact is important if you are choosing rings which may be worn together such as an engagement ring and a wedding band. Both items have to be made from the same carat of gold or one may cause the other to wear away over time. 

Gold Jewelry        Gold Jewelry        Gold Jewelry        Gold Jewelry

As regards price - the price of a piece of gold jewellery will depend on the level of craftsmanship which has gone into the making of the piece as well as the purity of the gold used. For example a piece of 24K gold jewellery will inevitably be more expensive than a piece of 9K gold jewellery as it contains more pure gold.

When it comes to colour, gold can be combined with a wide range of other metals to create different colours. It can vary from the traditional yellow colour to white (where the gold is mixed with white metals such as silver or palladium) or rose gold (where the gold is mixed with copper). Indeed gold is now found in green, purple and even black varieties. Although yellow, white and rose are still the most popular colours for gold. Indeed, white gold has recently overtaken yellow gold as the most popular colour for a wedding ring.

When it comes to identification it is now true that all gold has to be stamped or hallmarked to indicate its authenticity and purity. The only exceptions are when gold jewellery predates the requirement to hallmark pieces or occasionally when hallmarks have worn off over time. 

Dean's jewellers of Ossett near Wakefield only use the finest gold in their jewellery so you can be assured that whatever you buy will be authenticated as real gold.