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Bespoke Restorations

If you are in possession of an old item of jewellery which may have lost its appeal or if you have inherited a piece of valuable jewellery which is not to your taste then you might wish to consider having it restored or remodelled.

Dean's of Ossett offer a bespoke design and restoration service whereby your jewellery can be remodelled to your taste or simply restored to its original beauty. 

People are sometimes tempted to sell old jewellery in order to purchase new. However, very often, you will not receive the full value of the piece you are selling but you will pay a premium price to buy new quality jewellery.

At Dean's we are experienced in conservation work and we can carefully match techniques and materials so that any repairs or alterations appear seamless.

At our store in Ossett near Wakefield we can guide you through the full process of re-imagining and re-designing your jewellery so that you can unlock its beauty and continue to enjoy wearing it for years to come.